Personal Appearance Management






Lo Mo Pro was created to bring passion and excellence to nerd culture throughout the world by working with talent of all levels. We’re passionate about what we do and who we work with. Our job doesn’t end after our client’s appearance is over, instead we continue to support their career, dreams and goals in every way possible.

Founded by Laurie Mahoney in 2015 (after several years of working with other personal appearance agencies), Laurie set out to prove that all talent are created equal; curating an unique roster of talent and treating them all with the same level of attention and respect.


Mission and Vision


Vision: LoMoPro exists to facilitate in person experiences between multi-media /sports talent and fans in a safe and secure environment. Our focus is to support the longevity of varied multi-media/venue talent by curating a unique roster of talent, treating them all with the same level of attention and respect and by supporting their careers, dreams and goals in every possible way.

Mission: Utilizing the methodologies available in the personal appearance industry, LoMoPro supports talent recognition and longevity through the collection and application of industry data and research to find the appropriate global venue for each of our clients. All contracted principles are assured a confidential relationship, the support of trained individuals who respect and reflect the values of our business and clients. LoMoPro recognizes the role of the personal appearance agent as an advocate and guide for clients while remembering the ultimate decisions about appearances and contracts rests with the client